ABI Prestige - Condition Report

Hi Jess, I thought I would create this page to help you better understand the problems I am having with the Prestige that I won off the portal (Auction 504).

You can find the link to this below;

These are the images that were supplied with the caravan at the time of the auction.

The caravan was described as ‘Average’ condition with new carpets and upholstery in good condition.

Pictures show the caravan is clean and looks really tidy.

We were prepared to go £7,500 on this caravan, however we managed to get the caravan at a bargain price of £6,080.


Although collection went smoothly, once the caravan was in a position to be inspected, there are a few things I’d like to point out, which could have been avoided if the person/park who took the pictures were a little more transparent about the condition of the caravan.
Afterall, these are £000’s worth of items that we’re trusting that the caravans are what they say they are.

Below are some images we’ve taken of the caravan ourselves.

Example 1